We are always willing to consider new acquisitions. Here are some examples of things we are currently in the market for, as of 2019Q2:
– Crimped and miscut Alpha/Beta cards
– Misprinted Arabian Nights cards
– Playable misprints/miscuts/crimps/errors, like you might find in our Misprint sales section here

GENERIC BUYLIST (all prices each; played conditions/signed/foreign all accepted for the cards below with no penalty):
Adarkar Wastes (Ice Age) – $3
Aura of Silence (FNM Promo Foil) – $15 each
Cunning Wish (Judgment) – $3
Duress (Arena Promo Foil, original frame) – $13-15 each
Faerie Conclave (Urza’s Legacy) – $.50
Flooded Strand (Onslaught) – $18-22
Karn, Silver Golem (Arena Promo Foil) – $25-30 each
Living Death (Tempest) – $2
Morphling (Urza’s Saga) – $5
Natural Order (Visions or Portal) – $8-10
Necropotence (Ice Age) – $4
Pernicious Deed (Apocalypse) – $2-3
Polluted Delta (Onslaught) – $20-24
Shivan Reef (Apocalypse) – $2
Stroke of Genius (Urza’s Saga) – $.75
Swords to Plowshares (Ice Age) – $.75
Swords to Plowshares (FNM Promo Foil) – $70-75 each
Underground River (Ice Age) – $2
Vindicate (Apocalypse) – $2
Windswept Heath (Onslaught) – $13-15
Yavimaya Coast (Apocalypse) – $1

SPECIFIC JAPANESE CARDS (Japanese Foil, listed printing only):
4 Academy Rector (Urza’s Destiny, Japanese Foil)
2 Ancient Tomb (Tempest, Japanese)
3 Basking Rootalla (Torment, Japanese Foil)
2 Battlefield Forge (Apocalypse, Japanese Foil)
4 Bloodline Shaman (Onslaught, Japanese Foil)
1 Bone Shredder (Urza’s Legacy, Japanese Foil)
3 Caller of the Claw (Onslaught, Japanese Foil)
1 Careful Study (Odyssey, Japanese Foil)
1 Counterspell (Mercadian Masques, Japanese Foil)
2 Deep Analysis (Torment, Japanese Foil)
3 Deranged Hermit (Urza’s Legacy, Japanese Foil)
1 Dragon Breath (Scourge, Japanese Foil)
3 Elvish Lyrist (7th Edition, Japanese Foil)
2 Enduring Renewal (Time Spiral, Japanese Foil)
4 Fact or Fiction (Invasion, Japanese Foil)
3 Faerie Conclave (Urza’s Legacy, Japanese Foil)
4 Forsaken City (Planeshift, Japanese Foil)
1 Gigapede (Onslaught, Japanese Foil)
2 Kamahl, Fist of Krosa (Onslaught, Japanese Foil)
3 Lin Sivvi, Defiant Hero (Nemesis, Japanese Foil)
3 Masticore (Urza’s Destiny, Japanese Foil)
2 Mox Diamond (Stronghold, Japanese)
3 Opalescence (Urza’s Destiny, Japanese Foil)
2 Peat Bog (Mercadian Masques, Japanese Foil)
4 Phyrexian Rager (Apocalpyse, Japanese Foil)
4 Plague Spitter (Invasion, Japanese Foil)
2 Powder Keg (Urza’s Destiny, Japanese Foil)
4 Psychatog (Odyssey, Japanse Foil)
4 Quirion Dryad (Planeshift, Japanese Foil only)
4 Saproling Burst (Nemesis, Japanese Foil)
4 Silver Knight (Scourge, Japanese Foil)
2 Treetop Village (Urza’s Legacy, Japanese Foil)
2 Tsabo’s Web (Invasion, Japanese Foil)
2 Upheaval (Odyssey, Japanese Foil)
4 Wall of Roots (Time Spiral, Japanese Foil)
4 True Believer (Onslaught, Japanese Foil only)
4 Whipcorder (Onslaught, Japanese Foil)
3 Wonder (Judgement, Japanese Foil)

SPECIFIC SIGNED CARDS (English, unless otherwise specified):
4 All Hallow’s Eve (English Legends, signed by Chris Rush)
1 All Suns’ Dawn (English Fifth Dawn, signed by Glen Angus)
4 Annul (Urza’s Saga, signed; both English and Japanese fine)
4 Blighted Agent (English New Phyrexia, signed by Anthony Francisco)
4 Bridge from Below (English, signed by Hildebrandt)
2 Divert (signed by Christopher Moeller)
3 Endbringer (English Oath of the Gatewatch, signed by Vincent Proce)
4 Faerie Conclave (Urza’s Legacy, signed by Val Mayerik)
2 Flusterstorm (English Commander 2011, signed by Erica Yang)
3 Fragmentize (signed by Jason Felix)
1 Gamble (English Urza’s Saga, signed by Goldhawk; gold or black preferred)
2 Gilded Drake (Urza’s Saga, signed by Bob Eggleton)
4 Lilting Refrain (Japanese or English Urza’s Saga, signed by Berry)
4 Living Wish (Judgment, signed by Eric Peterson)
2 Petrified Field (English Odyssey, signed by Glen Angus)
1 Plateau (Unlimited, HP/Damaged, signed or unsigned)
4 Relic of Progenitus (English Alara, signed by Jean-S├ębastien Rossbach)
4 Riftstone Portal (English, signed by Don Hazeltine)
4 River Boa (Visions, signed by Steve White)
1 Shadow Rift (Tempest, signed by Adam Rex)
4 Shivan Reef (Apocalpyse, signed by Rob Alexander)
2 Spike Weaver (Exodus, signed by Mike Raabe)
4 Static Orb (Tempest, signed by Dermot Power)
4 Strategic Planning (Portal Three Kingdoms, signed, any language acceptable)
1 Sunastian Falconer (English Legends, signed by Christopher Rush)
4 Thalia, Guardian of Thraben (English, signed by Schirmer and/or Voss)
4 Thoughtcast (Mirrodin, signed by Hildebrandt)
3 Time Warp (Tempest, signed by Pete Venters)
1 Trinisphere (English, signed by Hildebrandt)
1 Ulamog, the Ceaseless Hunger (English, signed by Michael Komarck)
3 Wild Defiance (English Avacyn Restored, signed by Slawomir Maniak)
4 World Breaker (English, signed by Jaime Jones)
3 Words of Wind (Onslaught, signed by Eric Peterson)

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